The hostel Life

Coming to a new city is always scary and  exciting at the same time. 8 years ago, I came to this city all alone with no friends and relatives, and this is when I have relatives all over India, except this city (can you imagine?). Anyways, it was a nice change and the feeling of being independent had finally sunk in. My family found me a nice PG to stay in and left.

Day 1, I Cried. I felt all alone. But this is something that I had always wanted. Doing my own dishes, buying my own stuff, managing my own money, my hard earned money and deciding where I want to go (or not).

Day2, first day at the office. All new faces. Some scared, some chirpy, some shy, some overly friendly. Soon, people started opening up. They were the easiest friendships that I made in my life. Most of us were sailing the same boat. First time away from family and friends and we became each other’s anchor. Soon we were inseparable. Eating together, drinking together, studying together, partying together, travelling …

Meeting the Beautiful Me

“You are pretty!!” “You are so fair!!” “You are not fat!” “Oh God, You are so dark!” “You are so fat!!” “You are so short!!”
All of the statements above have been said to me and you might have noticed how conflicting they are. All of them were said in the same year. So these aren’t some past birth statements that I am talking about here.

Over the years as I have grown older and wiser, the statement “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” has become more meaningful to me but along with it came another realization “Beauty is relative”. For example, if I go to Kashmir or Punjab I would be considered dark and maybe even ugly as most of the people there are fair whereas if I go to Tamil Nadu or even West Bengal, I would be considered fair relative to their general skin colour. Similarly, if I go to Malaysia, my height won’t be an issue. I would be of average height. Whereas if I go to the United States of America, I might (read will) be counted as short. Similarly, people in the United …

Visioning the Future

I was recently reading Lilly Singh’s “How to be a Bawse” (read Boss) and why not read it? Who doesn’t want to be a ‘Bawse’. In case you are not aware of this book, it is written by Lilly Singh, a well-known YouTuber and an entrepreneur. One of the concepts she explained in the book, and which I felt to try on my own was "Vision board".

A Vision board is basically a vision of your future taped on a chart paper. As per the vision board theory, one should determine what they want from life, like a bigger car, a slimmer body, a world tour, world peace and so on. Once you have the list with you, you need to get a picture of each and paste it on a chart paper or anywhere suitable to you; and keep this chart paper aka vision board at such a place which would  catch your eye more often. Maybe in front of your bed or in your closet or in front of the toilet seat (you get the point). As per the theory, this helps keep us motivated to achieve our dreams and what we want from life. App…

Yes I Eat !

Dieting, as per the dictionary, it means“A regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or cosmetic weight loss.” But somehow dieting has become a bad word. When I say “I am dieting” it seems people instead hear “I am not eating anything nowadays“ and then comes the advice,  how not eating would not help, it will  only be temporary, you will get sick, here have these sweets. This has come to a point where instead of saying “sorry, I won’t have cold drinks as I am trying to eat healthy”, I simply say “sorry, I have a sore throat”.  I understand where this is coming from: there are people who actually stop eating in order to lose weight. But this isn’t how it is done.
According to all the (internet) study that I have done regarding weight loss, it is 80% food and 20% exercising. So you would never achieve results if you keep eating all your junk food and do 4 hours of exercise nor would you see results if you stop eating and do no exercise, you may temporarily see results but s…

When i met Superman!!

I have always considered myself very lucky in terms of the people I have been surrounded by. I was never afraid of going to new places and cities all alone as I always thought, I can always ask somebody around for help. Luckily for me, I did find these people, my everyday Superman. Life is full of shit, full of circumstances which can bring you down. However, I always end up looking at the positive and that may be one reason I stay happy. Yeah! and that can always be a reason for me getting into something bad (who me ? Nah just kidding).

There have been many people in my life who have been part of it for only a few minutes, I am not even aware of their name but their memory will remain etched forever in my life.

Faith Builder 1:
I was small: young may be in class 5 or something. In our city, we had never seen/used escalators. Cut to, Delhi station, my uncle (chacha) who stayed in Delhi, first introduced me to an escalator. And like every first-timer I was afraid to step on it. My unc…

How to deal with Fat Shaming?

I have read many articles on fat shaming, on how you should leave the person alone, how it is their body and they can do whatever they want, how they are already struggling with their weight loss, how they look beautiful the way they are and it continues. Well, fortunately for me, I have always been surrounded by people who love me just the way I am.

But in life, you do meet people who would come and tell you, “Oh! I think you have gained some kilos, but you look cute” or “I don’t think you can lose weight, no point trying” or as simple as  “Ma’am, I think size 34 would be fine for you (wink wink)”. Sometimes people say things just out of concern, sometimes they really don’t realize the impact of their words and sometimes, it is purely out of ignorance. Does it pinch? Oh yes!! Hard one indeed. But the key is to take these comments positively or, better yet, as a challenge. These are the comments which I use to keep me motivated to lose those extra kilos. No, I am not doing this for t…

Fitness Journey: Never Ending Wait!!

Are you somebody, who has been waiting for a partner to work out with for long. Then read out below (you can read even if this isn't the case).

Even though I would love to add running to my daily exercise routine. Unfortunately, I do not have the stamina to run for long. Just 2 minutes of running leaves me huffing and puffing. Therefore, this time very strategically, I plan to run the annual 5K Marathon that takes place in my office every September. I have run this one before and there are not many great runners in the women category, so little effort from my end can actually let me win (Wicked, I know !).

I did my all my research on “how to run a 5 K marathon in 2 months” and came up with a plan. As per the plan, I motivated my husband to run with me this time. As this would give me a partner and help, keep me motivated. We will follow the Run/Walk approach. Everything was set, ShoesSports attireWorkout playlistSports headphonesApps to track running(click the links to get the above …